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If you were fortunate enough to have purchased from this website prior to 2010, hopefully you had the opportunity to get to know Larry Coyote.  He was active in the industry for over 25 years and was known for introducing new stones to the crystal community.  In December of 2008 he posted in his blog about the new aura stones that he had developed.  There were a total of six new aura stones introduced and marketed within the next few months, which he named the Two Tone Aura Group of crystals.  Following are excerpts from correspondence written by Larry about these stones.

Excerpts taken from writings by Larry Coyote circa December 2008:

The Aqua Aura Process as given by the processor DIRECTLY to me, I have known the owner since 1990 and speak to him regularly; so this is from the HORSE’S MOUTH.

The Aqua Aura Process and all of the other Aura Crystal they produce are done with a heat and vacuum process; the crystals or stones are heated to 1000 F or more depending on what each stone is, and at the same time a vacuum is applied and all excess moisture is removed from the crystal or stone so the metal goes INSIDE of the stone not just on the surface of it. 

Once that is done, then rare or precious metal that have been vaporized into a gas are released into the chamber; with the missing moisture the metals slide right into the lattice of the crystal or stone, going in a few microns and becoming permanently bonded inside of the crystal or stone.

The metals used are:
Aqua Aura - Gold
Angel or Opal Aura - Platinum and Silver
Solar or Melon Aura - Organic Iron
Tanzan Aura - Indium

Again this is from the people who make them, so the confusion and misrepresentation of these stones might be cleared up.  They vaporize their own metals so purity is constant and quality is high. 

Solar Christ and Christ Commune Aura crystals are a part of the BRAND NEW, never before seen, Two Tone Aura™ Group of crystals, they are processed twice in the heat and vacuum chamber; then they are activated in a number of processes that awaken them and program them, without the second process being done you have a much less alive crystal.

These are 2 Tone Double Helix Aura, yes Aqua Aura with 2 colors or more.  These crystals are not only amazing looking, they are VERY POWERFUL; they have been treated with two or more rare or precious metals. I have not completed the write-ups on these crystals yet, as each treatment has different effects and I am just getting to comprehend them.  I must say that when I got the boxes back from the Aqua Aura treatment people, I was really rocked backwards by all of them at once. It was a massive energy burst.  The factory has agreed to treat these crystals just for us, as it was my idea, and the owner is a close friend of mine; treating them two times is a VERY costly process, and many crystals blow up when treated. If they are treated two times then there are more pieces damaged plus it is double cost to treat them twice with precious and rare metals.

These Crystals are a life-changing experience.  We gave a few healers we know some of these crystals to use in their practice and everyone agreed the work was simpler and easier in interacting with their clients. You will love these crystals!

The effort of bringing these crystals to you has been intense to say the least; it took my desire and efforts as well as it took the miraculous work of the factory and intense testing and re-testing to get these crystals correct.

Christ Commune Crystals™

Christ Commune Crystals, one of the brand new Two Tone Aura Crystals™, are blue and rainbow, which were developed over a year period.  All of the Two Tone Aura™ crystal series will not only further the purpose they were designed for, but also bring together the energies that have been opened up along the new crystal grids that have come online in the last two years. 

Many people sensed these crystals being prepared, in a number of places people knew there was a new process not seen on the planet since Atlantis.  We all are moving towards oneness in whatever shape fits us, these crystals will stretch you as well as lighten your heart and mind up. Even with the time spent with these crystals there is not an end in site for what they can and will do in there interaction with people, as these really are brand new, so all feed back is welcome about them.

The cost to make them is more than twice as much as regular Aqua Aura, due to cost of double treatment and then loss due to double breakage. They are well worth the price, there is nothing like them; they will alter you, open areas of the heart that are not easy to open.

The white and blue Solar Christ Commune Crystal™ is very useful for interpersonal focusing as well as for family communication for those seeming to be on non-linear wave communication.. Also these crystals help create “new” family if you are interested in doing so, and communing with Christ is another great strength of these crystals.

Solar Christ Crystals™

These crystals were inspired by the Christ Conciseness that emanates from the Sun of Man, or in what was and has been hidden information of the solar connection between Man and God. These crystals are a direct bridge between mankind’s heart and the Christ Energy that is freely here for all who would seek it.

In 1980 I prayed for the first time and sincerely I saw Christ clearer than I see this world today or then.  I had many things change in me forever; it is now the time to expose the journey from the deepest places the mind goes; the longest journey a man may take is from the mind to the heart. This has been a 29 year journey and these wondrous crystals are part of it. They are a stunning gold and blue color; they are Two Tone Aura Crystals™.  I can only say you will find great tranquility and a feeling of wholeness from working with these crystals; they are a truly new gateway to being Christ-like in your actions.

Solar Goddess Crystals™

The brand new Solar Goddess Crystals™ are part of the new Two Tone Aura™ series of crystals; all 2 Tone Aura™ crystals are natural quartz with truly alchemical application of  two separate types of precious metals and/or rare earth elements.  This has not been done since Atlantis, where the infusion of rare elements and metals into crystalline structures greatly contributed to their rise; and then when misused to their fall.

The Solar Aura is created by using an organic iron molecule infused into the crystal lattice, as is the Angel/Opal Aura created by pure platinum and pure silver.  This combination of dual metals is applied in two treatments, creating an alchemical blending that reaches through all the veils and allows one to connect deeply to much more complex and simple energies alike.

These crystals are connected to both the Central Sun of our galactic realm and the moons of all planets, not just Earth’s moon or sun; for we have crossed into a highly charged magnetic energy field.  NASA, the European Space Program and the Japanese Space Program have all confirmed this as fact many years back, and we will keep moving deeper into it. 

With the Solar Goddess Crystals™ one can weave and re-weave the new highly ethereal energies that keep flowing into our consciousness every instant with no let up in site; allowing the Solar Goddess Crystal™ to open your heart and transform it into a truly golden heart for a new Golden Age that is upon us all.

These crystals are very good for helping to integrate male-female internal energy, and finding the deeper hidden truths of self that have been denied in the Old Age we are currently moving out of; allowing one much deeper perspective and a place of neutrality to view self by allowing one to lighten up and not take what is found internally so dramatically.  One can easily bypass the committee of the human monkey mind that cannot be still, and has to comment from our past into our present. 

DNA repair and change is one of the things these crystals do very well, as the solar fire of the Solar Aura is tempered by the lunar balancing of the Angel/Opal Aura; allowing neutral space/time conjunctions to occur within the body’s framework, giving the body further ability to heal and alter its form from within, not from without. 
We are bombarded constantly by electronic, chemical and radioactive poisons, causing the body to have no true rest from it all; these crystals reach way beyond this plane of existence to bring in peaceful life enhancing energy spirals into the body and mind.

Earth Synergizer Crystals™

More will be posted as it becomes available.  There were a total of six different Two-Tone Aura stones introduced.  In addition to the four noted above, there was one called the Self Synergizer Crystal (aqua aura and clear), the other was half solar aura and half clear; we're checking our notes to see what name Larry had given it.  The intention here being to give Larry credit for the innovative and intuitive contributions he made to the crystal community.

Healers Royal Gold

There is one more aura stone that Larry created, and he called it Healers Royal Gold.  He took natural citrine from The Congo and had it treated with iron which turned it a wonderful golden orange color.  We have noticed that many crystal books and other crystal websites refer to Healers Royal Gold, but few people have ever seen it.  We will be adding information about this stone here as well. 



Working with the Two-Tone Aura Stones

Have you ever participated in a Native American sweat lodge?  There is a point where you have endured over an hour of intense heat and steam and you crawl out of this small opening and throw yourself into the cool grass and gaze up at the stars overhead as though seeing the world for the first time, like being re-born.  The aura process is much like that for the stones.  The intense heat causes them to release and be cleansed and purified, it opens the matrix to receive the new material.  The bonding to the gaseous metals changes and transcends the normal crystalline energy to meld with the metallic energies, making them more reflective and protective.  Quartz (silicon dioxide), one of the most common minerals on earth, with its amplification properties is forever bonded to gold/platinum/indium, some of the rarest elements on earth, known for their expansion properties.  This makes them rare, precious, beautiful, often with rainbow reflections. 

Combining these unique properties was the brainchild of our beloved Larry, and we can only guess as to what his intention was in each different one.  Combining Aqua Aura with Opal Aura and Solar Aura with the intention of creating a tool to help us connect with the Christ energy was truly an inspiration.  Our personal experience with the stones indicates that they will work well with the chakras that lie above the crown chakra, assisting those who are working with higher vibrations and the ascension process, and communicating with spiritual beings of higher vibration.

Shamanically Healed Crystals

As documented by Larry, the process of creating the aura stones often results in some crystals being shattered from the heat.  One of Larry's friends was given the opportunity to purchase a large quantity of these imperfect stones from him before he passed away, seeing in them both great beauty and potential. 

In life we all go through difficult experiences that leave us shattered and broken.  Shamans believe that during these times a small piece of our soul splits off and is left behind.  To heal the soul, the shaman travels back to the place and time of the incident and helps the individual find and reclaim the lost shards of itself and reunite them for healing.  Just as a shaman helps souls to reunite and be healed, this friend of Larry's has been working to piece together the broken crystals and has been making some amazing jewelry with them.  An intuitive that was inspecting the jewelry said that the elementals were very happy with what was being done, that the stones were filled with joy to be re-created in this way, and that they had shattered in order to fulfill a higher purpose.  A special page is going to be dedicated on the online store to feature these jewelry pieces. 

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