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Crystal Healing: 2012 and Beyond
Discovering and Using Rocks, Crystals and Stones in the New Age
by Barbara S. Delozier, Msc.D.

From the "Dedication" page...

"And, to Laurence Hargrave late of New Age Stones ~ thank you 'Larry Coyote' for opening up the globe to me through your awesome knowledge and worldwide contacts for rocks, crystals and stones."

From the "Acknowledgments" page...

"Laurence Hargrave, New Age Stones ~~  Larry transitioned from the physical plane on April 19, 2010, but his legacy of knowledge and love of the use of rocks and crystals continues to live on through this book and many crystal practitioners.  Thank you, Larry Coyote."

We were really impressed by the amount of information that has been compiled from so many varied sources into such a compact and easy-to-read format.  You get the information you need without having to wade through pages of details, which was a refreshing change from so many other crystal books on the market.  You can tell from the content that this is written by someone who KNOWS the stones, collects them herself and works with them.  We highly recommend the book, which can be purchased through your local or online book store. 

You can read more about the author at her website:

Thank you, Barbara!

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